Be Strong Even When You Are Imperfect

Problem: My Imperfections or My Negative Thoughts My problem is not that I have these flaws (____________________), but rather, my dilemma is that I am always finding something "flawed" about myself. Why do flaws have to have a negative connotation? Is it because I envy what somebody else has in appearance, talents, or popularity? My... Continue Reading →

Bipolar Tangents

Writing seems like how I function in many aspects of my life: my intentions begin at one point, then my thoughts get carried away and I have to change the subject of my work. Yesterday I started taking 5HTP time-released (for mood and stress). I wasn't thrilled with the idea of getting back on "meds".... Continue Reading →

OCD Almost Destroyed My Creativity!

One of the things that helped soothe my mind as a child was art. I had a special affinity for drawing people. Teachers noticed my skills and would shine the spotlight on my artwork sometimes. I became known as a good artist by my classmates. I always believed I would choose a career path that... Continue Reading →

Addicted To Mania?

The Calm Before The Storm When I am feeling “level”, that is, “cool-headed”, or balanced and mellow, I am neither depressed nor elevated and manic. I sometimes wonder about when I will become manic or depressed, which will come first. I might have taken good care of my health during these times of feeling balanced.... Continue Reading →

The Necessity of Nurturing

Being A Mother To Self- Why, as women, do we take care of everyone’s needs but sometimes fail to take care of ourselves? I believe many people regard taking care of themselves as a frivolity, or an act of selfishness. Unhealthy demonstrations, disguised as “self-care” are, indeed, selfish and even destructive. Unhinged shopping sprees may... Continue Reading →

How History, Beauty & Nature Inspired Me!

A photo of "Memorial Arch" has been chosen to represent my day with my family in Lorain County. The Arch was dedicated in 1903 to honor the missionaries of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions who lost their lives in the Boxer uprising in China (Martyred Missionaries). The names of 13 missionaries and their... Continue Reading →

Hiking For Happiness

Earlier today, I had wondered how long I had been feeling depressed (and hopeless, disconnected, etc.). Like most people, I searched Google- with my keywords of "Christian articles on feeling hopeless and disconnected." I may have even added the website link to this blog...Proverbs 31 Ministry! If you want to find authentic articles about life... Continue Reading →

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