Be Strong Even When You Are Imperfect

Problem: My Imperfections or My Negative Thoughts My problem is not that I have these flaws (____________________), but rather, my dilemma is that I am always finding something "flawed" about myself. Why do flaws have to have a negative connotation? Is it because I envy what somebody else has in appearance, talents, or popularity? My... Continue Reading →

The Necessity of Nurturing

Being A Mother To Self- Why, as women, do we take care of everyone’s needs but sometimes fail to take care of ourselves? I believe many people regard taking care of themselves as a frivolity, or an act of selfishness. Unhealthy demonstrations, disguised as “self-care” are, indeed, selfish and even destructive. Unhinged shopping sprees may... Continue Reading →

Social Isolation Makes Sense Sometimes

Isolation- is it such a bad thing sometimes? I'm not advocating the avoidance of nature or a good walk alone, I am simply stating that being around the general public can worsen the symptoms of depression. This is a sad reality because we all should have good company and friends to turn to in both... Continue Reading →

Hiking For Happiness

Earlier today, I had wondered how long I had been feeling depressed (and hopeless, disconnected, etc.). Like most people, I searched Google- with my keywords of "Christian articles on feeling hopeless and disconnected." I may have even added the website link to this blog...Proverbs 31 Ministry! If you want to find authentic articles about life... Continue Reading →

Addictions, Medicine Can’t Heal The Soul

Running on 3 hours of sleep and my mind is somehow intact. Fleeting moments of laughter are like a reunion with an old friend. Here I sit, alone again- wondering about my purpose, feeling unneeded, and questioning my decision to stay away from meds, cigarettes, and alcohol (omitting cigarettes and alcohol from my regime was... Continue Reading →

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