Addicted To Mania?

The Calm Before The Storm When I am feeling “level”, that is, “cool-headed”, or balanced and mellow, I am neither depressed nor elevated and manic. I sometimes wonder about when I will become manic or depressed, which will come first. I might have taken good care of my health during these times of feeling balanced.... Continue Reading →

Addictions, Medicine Can’t Heal The Soul

Running on 3 hours of sleep and my mind is somehow intact. Fleeting moments of laughter are like a reunion with an old friend. Here I sit, alone again- wondering about my purpose, feeling unneeded, and questioning my decision to stay away from meds, cigarettes, and alcohol (omitting cigarettes and alcohol from my regime was... Continue Reading →

Flight of Ideas

Although experiencing "flight of ideas" in of itself is not a mental disorder, it is a symptom of those with bipolar disorder. All that mania and energy needs to be channeled somehow- it is best used in creative endeavors. When I experience the highs of mania, I become the "idea" person- the person who conjures up... Continue Reading →

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