Be Strong Even When You Are Imperfect

Problem: My Imperfections or My Negative Thoughts My problem is not that I have these flaws (____________________), but rather, my dilemma is that I am always finding something "flawed" about myself. Why do flaws have to have a negative connotation? Is it because I envy what somebody else has in appearance, talents, or popularity? My... Continue Reading →

Bipolar Tangents

Writing seems like how I function in many aspects of my life: my intentions begin at one point, then my thoughts get carried away and I have to change the subject of my work. Yesterday I started taking 5HTP time-released (for mood and stress). I wasn't thrilled with the idea of getting back on "meds".... Continue Reading →

OCD Almost Destroyed My Creativity!

One of the things that helped soothe my mind as a child was art. I had a special affinity for drawing people. Teachers noticed my skills and would shine the spotlight on my artwork sometimes. I became known as a good artist by my classmates. I always believed I would choose a career path that... Continue Reading →

Addicted To Mania?

The Calm Before The Storm When I am feeling “level”, that is, “cool-headed”, or balanced and mellow, I am neither depressed nor elevated and manic. I sometimes wonder about when I will become manic or depressed, which will come first. I might have taken good care of my health during these times of feeling balanced.... Continue Reading →

Shame Is A Shadow That Follows

Babysitting While The “Gals” Partied- As a child, I recall being made to babysit three young children of my mom’s friend so the women could go out to the bar. They often did not return home until well after 2:00 A.M. I was never instructed how to properly care for the kids. I knew nothing... Continue Reading →

The Necessity of Nurturing

Being A Mother To Self- Why, as women, do we take care of everyone’s needs but sometimes fail to take care of ourselves? I believe many people regard taking care of themselves as a frivolity, or an act of selfishness. Unhealthy demonstrations, disguised as “self-care” are, indeed, selfish and even destructive. Unhinged shopping sprees may... Continue Reading →

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