How History, Beauty & Nature Inspired Me!

A photo of "Memorial Arch" has been chosen to represent my day with my family in Lorain County. The Arch was dedicated in 1903 to honor the missionaries of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions who lost their lives in the Boxer uprising in China (Martyred Missionaries). The names of 13 missionaries and their... Continue Reading →

Tools of The Verbal Abuser

The other day, I experienced a great emotional event when I had to call to cancel a subscription and ask for a full refund. The representative almost wore me down and made me give in, but I had to time reflect and cool least until I called back to express my dismay with the... Continue Reading →

My Free 3-Minute Bipolar Test

In case I was still uncertain about whether or not I have bipolar disorder, I took another online test. The test could be completed in 3 minutes. My survey took longer than 3 minutes to complete, but that's none of my business... First thing in the morning, I felt despair again. I read some... Continue Reading →

Social Isolation Makes Sense Sometimes

Isolation- is it such a bad thing sometimes? I'm not advocating the avoidance of nature or a good walk alone, I am simply stating that being around the general public can worsen the symptoms of depression. This is a sad reality because we all should have good company and friends to turn to in both... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Binge Drinking

The other day, I was trying to think of how reflecting on my past writings could help me now. Is there any benefit to saving or reading writings from our past? I vaguely remember a poem I wrote about 20 years ago. Obviously, I was much younger. I was a single woman who worked full-time,... Continue Reading →

Hiking For Happiness

Earlier today, I had wondered how long I had been feeling depressed (and hopeless, disconnected, etc.). Like most people, I searched Google- with my keywords of "Christian articles on feeling hopeless and disconnected." I may have even added the website link to this blog...Proverbs 31 Ministry! If you want to find authentic articles about life... Continue Reading →

Addictions, Medicine Can’t Heal The Soul

Running on 3 hours of sleep and my mind is somehow intact. Fleeting moments of laughter are like a reunion with an old friend. Here I sit, alone again- wondering about my purpose, feeling unneeded, and questioning my decision to stay away from meds, cigarettes, and alcohol (omitting cigarettes and alcohol from my regime was... Continue Reading →

Flight of Ideas

Although experiencing "flight of ideas" in of itself is not a mental disorder, it is a symptom of those with bipolar disorder. All that mania and energy needs to be channeled somehow- it is best used in creative endeavors. When I experience the highs of mania, I become the "idea" person- the person who conjures up... Continue Reading →

What Feeling “Normal” Is To Me

When "feeling normal" manifests within me, it feels like this: I am the person I like best, "normal" is my favorite mood and depiction of me. Normal feels happy, secure and accepted. My manic, elevated, or hypomanic version is revved up, cusses a little more, laughs more and is more socially outgoing (as much as... Continue Reading →

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